Secrets de Sothys

Secrets de Sothys® fulfills the utmost perfection to beauty for women seeking superiority in total anti-ageing care for face and mind.

Secrets de Sothys® Institute Treatment is a highly effective treatment based on incontestable results and an alchemy of efficiency and pleasures, combining technology and poly-sensoriality involving the mobilization of the 5 senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and sound) for efficacy and total wellbeing.


This treatment encompasses a holistic programme that effectively targets to slow the ageing process with the same innovation behind the Secrets de Sothys® range of home care products. It is designed to garner maximum benefits from the products by using them in an optimal environment, with a touch of luxury and the exclusive Sothys Digi-Esthetique® massage methodology. Similar to the active ingredients used in the home care range, Tex-OE®, an extract of prickly pears that stimulates the appearance of heat shock proteins to combat skin stress and preserve cell viability under external aggressions


- Wrinkles diminished by up to 14% in just one treatment*
*Images taken by Visioscan

- Hydration improved by 31% in just one treatment
*Tested on 40 models


Secrets de Sothys® Global Anti-Age De-Stressing Treatment Serum
This high-performing serum gives immuno-protection and combats hormonal deficiency while refirming, hydrating and soothing with anti-wrinkle, anti-stress and anti pollution effects. An exceptional innovation to reactivate the skin's youthful looks with Soya Rice Peptides, Tex-OE®, Essential Oils, Fucogel®.

Secrets de Sothys® Global Anti-Age De-Stressing Cream
An highly-effective cream that combats hormonal deficiency with anti-wrinkle, anti-stress and anti pollution effects. Laced with a delicate fragrance, this care cream offers optimal application comfort with Tex-OE®, Matrixyl® and Iris Iso™.

Secret de Sothys® Eye Contour Serum
A real fountain of youth. This eye serum is a global anti-ageing and de-stressing formula with a high-tech triple effect: anti-wrinkle, anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness. With Tex-OE®, Iris, Plum and Bitter Orange extracts, the eye contour is firmed and smoothed for a lightened look.

A global anti-age de-stressing intensive formula of triple effect actives; anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkle and anti-dark circles. An unequalled specific care for a look as good as new.

Secrets de Sothys® Intense Lip Care
Rejuvenate lips with a light cream that protects, smoothes, plumps and redefines with added anti-wrinkle, anti-stress and anti-pollution effects. With Tex-OE® , Maxi-lip® and Matrixyl®, lips are hydrated*, comfortable and softer with a satiny appearance.

Secrets de Sothys® Smoothing Body Balm
Created with women over 25 in mind, this Smoothing Body Balm contains Tex-OE®, Liftiline® and Shiitake extract – proprietary ingredients to recapture the tone of a youthful body.


Restore Hormonal Deficiency
Fight against skin dryness and restore skin thickness and elasticity with Iris ISO™.

Promote production of heat shock proteins to de-stress the skin with Tex-OE®, Marjoram and Ylang Ylang.

Firm and Smooth
Firm the skin and fine lines, while restructuring and firming skin tissue support with : Liftiline®

Skin is well-moisturized and hydrated* with Vegetable Squalane, Soya Phospholides, Shea butter, Vegetable Glycerine and Corn oil


  Smoothing effect : 95%*
  Hydrating effect : 100%*
  Suppleness effect : 100%*
  30-Day Test Skin Result *

                       Day 0                             Day 30

              Skin is wrinkled, distended,      Skin's aspect is visibly improved
* Satisfaction rate based on tests conducted over a period of 30 days of twice-daily application.
*Images taken by Visioscan.

Secrets de Sothys® Eau de Parfum
Feminine and enigmatic, l’Eau de Parfum Secrets de Sothys® exudes elegance with a wake of fresh Lemon and Bergamot on a backdrop marked with Amber, Wood and Patchouly around an aromatic floral fruity core. A secret olfactory seduction encapsulated in a subtle, luxurious bottle.

*hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis.